Easy heart health tracking with
Hello Heart.

Heart health can seem complicated. Hello Heart makes it fun.
Yes, fun - we’re not kidding!


Connect your monitor

Tip: Need more help? Go to our support page: support.helloheart.com
Place the monitor next to your phone with the app open.
Hit START on your monitor to connect it to your phone.
You'll then be guided on how to take your first BP reading.


Track your BP

We call this main screen your "BP Tracker" where you can understand how your blood pressure is doing over time. Open the app each time you take your blood pressure and see the reading recorded automatically right here. Easily catch unusually high or low readings. From here, get to other trackers in the app from the top of the screen.

What can you do in your tracker? 

1. Edit or delete readings
Just tap on each dot.
2. Go back or view
your recent readings
Swipe from right to left.
3. See a summary of all your heart trends
Select "Clinician report”. Easily share your progress with your doctor and those you trust.
Once a new reading is added, get instant feedback on how your BP is doing compared to your recent readings. Understand what you can do now to stay on track.

Be sure to check out your cholesterol, weight, and activity trackers.


Set reminders

Take a blood pressure reading or your medication when it’s best for you! Just tap on the 🔔 in the top right corner of your Blood pressure tracker and set your reminders.


Get personalized heart health tips 

Each time you log into the app, a new insight will be added. These tips cover helpful subjects like stress management, nutrition, medications, activity, sleep, sun exposure, and more. And they're easy to fit into your day.

Plus, if you’re tracking your progress, activity, and meds, you may unlock personalized insights.

To read your insights, tap "Insights" and start scrolling through. Don't forget to choose "Helpful!" if you liked the tip, so we know to keep more of them coming!

1. Nutrition
2. Medications
3. Stress Management
4. Activity


Add your medication

Tap 'Medications' tab where you can list your medication, dosage, and other details, as well as set reminders to take them on time.

1. Search and select your medications, vitamins, and supplements.
2. Select your dosage.
3. Save your medication

4. Track your medications right in the app.



Head to your profile and easily dive into the best we’ve got to help you track that heart of yours. Edit personal details, manage reminders, change settings, and easily find what you need in the app.

You can:

1. Update your Personal Details

2. Set reminders for BP and Meds

3. Connect to Apple Health/Google fit, or reconnect your BP Monitor

4. Access our frequently asked questions

Keep your personal information private and secure.

Your privacy is incredibly important to us.


Need help?

If you ever need help, just click on the ? button in the top right corner of each screen in the app.

Visit our support center if you ever have any questions, or you can also email support@helloheart.com or call (800) 767-3471.

Tip: We recommend adding this webpage to your bookmarks so you can easily come back if you ever have questions.

That’s it! Simple and effective.

Ready to take control of your heart health? Open the Hello Heart app on your smartphone now!