Hello Heart makes a difference.

Research shows that Hello Heart significantly impacts cost savings and member health, proving that amazing things happen when you put hearts first.

Empowering better blood pressure control

A study with over 28,000 participants using Hello Heart saw a 21 mmHg average reduction in systolic blood pressure in the subset of high-risk members engaged in the program for 3 years. Blood pressure improvements like this have major impacts on the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Hello Heart members lower medical costs by 19% in the first year.

As shown in an independently validated report, Hello Heart members typically see their primary care providers more, visit the ER less, and spend fewer days in the hospital.


Seniors are highly engaged and have the outcomes to prove it.

A study presented at this year’s American College of Cardiology Annual Scientific Session found that participants aged 65+ had strong engagement with Hello Heart, resulting in even greater reductions in cholesterol and weight than younger members.

“I didn’t know I had high blood pressure, but thanks to Hello Heart, now I’m in control.”


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