Hello Heart for Health Plans

Innovative, effective and scalable.

Health Plans partner with Hello Heart to offer the only clinically-validated smartphone solution addressing hypertension.

Hello Heart is the market leader in hypertension management chosen by dozens of Fortune 500 employers as their heart health solution.

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Peer-reviewed clinical outcomes.

Hello Heart is the only smartphone solution on the market with a peer-reviewed clinical study on its effectiveness.


Normalize BP


Average reduction

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Tools to self-manage, drive behavior change and prevent serious health risk


Smart, connected devices


Clinically-based, digital coaching


Medication adherence algorithms

Alert sign

Alerts for critical readings


Results-sharing with physicians

Industry-leading enrollment and engagement rates.

On average, 45% of the eligible population enrolls within the first year, and 70% remain actively engaged 12 months out.

Simple and seamless integration

Support rep

Supports care teams and pathways

Graph on a paper

Comprehensive reporting

Puzzle pieces

Plug-and-play solution


Bill through medical claims

Piggy Bank

Acknowledged as a preventative benefit for high deductible plans

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