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The hypertension self-management app that's clinically shown to work

Health plans partner with Hello Heart to offer the only digital hypertension self-management program focused exclusively on promoting cardiovascular health.

The information on this page is intended to help health plans and healthcare ecosystem partners evaluate Hello Heart.

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Clinically shown to work in the largest & longest study of any digital therapeutic

In 2021, JAMA Network Open published the findings of UCSF and Hello Heart researchers, who followed nearly 30K Hello Heart app users. After 3 years, for users whose baseline blood pressure had been ≥140/90:


Had a reduced median systolic BP at Year 3 1


Avg. reduction in systolic BP among users with reduced BP at Year 3 1

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Report: client saw 19% potential cost savings

In an analysis commissioned by Hello Heart, the Validation Institute analyzed data from 203 Hello Heart users and 200 non-users and found that Hello Heart users’ estimated CVD costs went down by $880, while matched non-users’ estimated CVD costs increased by $985 —representing a reduction of estimated employer CVD spend of $1,865 per participant per year. 2


saved per participant per year 2

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The Hello Heart coaching app provides tools that empower people to take control of their heart health.


Blood pressure tracking


Digital coaching available 24/7


Medication adherence algorithms

Alert sign

BP reports easily shareable with physicians

High engagement rates

On average, 45% of the eligible population enrolls within the first 3 years, and 70% remain actively engaged after Year 1.


Simple and seamless integration

Support rep

Supports care teams and pathways

Graph on a paper

Comprehensive reporting

Puzzle pieces

Plug-and-play solution


Bill through medical claims

Piggy Bank

Acknowledged as a preventative benefit for high-deductible plans

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  1. Gazit T, Gutman M, Beatty AL. Assessment of Hypertension Control Among Adults Participating in a Mobile Technology Blood Pressure Self-management Program. JAMA Network Open. 2021;4(10):e2127008, https://doi.org/10.1001/jamanetworkopen.2021.27008. Accessed 1/1/2022. (Some study authors are employed by Hello Heart. Because of the observational nature of the study, causal conclusions cannot be made. N = 108 study participants at Year 3 who whose baseline BP was classified as Stage 2 hypertension. See additional important study limitations in the publication. )  
  2. Validation Institute. 2021 Validation Report (Valid Through October 2022). https://validationinstitute.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Hello_Heart-Savings-2021-Final.pdf. Published October 2021. Accessed 1/1/2022. (This analysis was commissioned by Hello Heart, which provided a summary report of self-funded employer client medical claims data for 203 Hello Heart users and 200 non-users from 2017-2020. Findings have not been subjected to peer review.)
  3. Data on file at Hello Heart.
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