A healthy heart.
A company benefit everyone deserves.

More American adults die of heart disease than any other disease, and the costs of care keep rising. With Hello Heart, you can finally help your employees take control of their heart health.

Results that make a difference.

Hello Heart’s results are validated in a peer-reviewed study published in JAMA Open Network. And these aren’t small outcomes—they show big drops in blood pressure— significantly lowering the risk of stroke and heart attacks.

Lower healthcare costs in the first year.

Hello Heart members typically see their primary care providers more, visit the ER less, and use less expensive imaging overall. You can read all the details in an independently validated report that shows how you can achieve meaningful ROI with our program.

Engage employees in their health.

Hello Heart uses proven, non-judgmental behavioral science techniques to enroll colleagues and keep them engaged. 20% of eligible people typically join in the first year — and a majority of them stick around for the next.2

It’s easy to roll out.

We simplify contracting through partners like CVS, Aetna, Elevance and others, so it’s quick and easy to get started.

From using the Hello Heart app, I was able to recognize that my blood pressure as well as my resting heart rate was far above normal, and I decided to go to the emergency room.
Scott LaCourse
General Mills

We work with great companies.

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Health metric tracking

Measure blood pressure, cholesterol, medication, activity, and weight

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Risk detection

Alert members to abnormal readings

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Personalized coaching

Friendly, practical guidance on healthy habits

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Equitable access

Sensitive to age and gender differences

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Clinical reports

Detailed reports for clinicians

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Health Equity

Women deserve powerful tools to care for their hearts.

Women die from heart attacks at twice the rate of men—but not because they’re more prone to heart disease. While our healthcare system tries to correct these gender and racial biases, Hello Heart empowers women to take charge of their heart health. It’s that simple.

"Adding Hello Heart into our benefits program has empowered our employees to take proactive steps towards better cardiovascular health. With Hello Heart, our employees have easy access to personalized heart health insights, it’s really helping to support our mission of fostering a culture of well-being within our organization. The program is driving tangible improvements in cardiovascular health, which is great to see."
Monica Williams
Executive Director, Benefits
Baylor College of Medicine
Member Story

How Terri got the care she needed using Hello Heart.

When Terri’s blood pressure skyrocketed, she used Hello Heart to learn what was happening and get help.
Member Story

How Hello Heart helped Scott seek emergency care for a heart attack.

Scott, a General Mills employee, experienced minor symptoms while on a work trip and used Hello Heart to recognize he should seek care.
Member Story

Keegan uses Hello Heart to get ahead of heart disease.

Because heart disease has affected family members in the past, Keegan is using Hello Heart to track his blood pressure and take control of his heart health.
Member Story

Lori uses Hello Heart to lead a healthy life.

Lori enjoys using the Hello Heart app because it allows her to check in with her blood pressure and make healthy choices.
Member Story

Hello Heart helped Wayne start medication for high blood pressure.

When Wayne saw that his readings were high on the Hello Heart app, he talked to his doctor and started taking medication for high blood pressure.

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