34% reduction in claims and strong ROI in less than a year

Advanced analytics. Customizable dashboard. Clear ROI.


Improve your employees’ heart health & potentially save lives

42% of your employees are struggling with hypertension. Hello Heart’s accurate home blood pressure monitor puts the power to make a change in their hands.


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Tools to self-manage, drive behavior change and prevent serious health risk


Smart, connected devices


Clinically-based, digital coaching


Medication adherence algorithms

Alert sign

Alerts for critical readings


Results-sharing with physicians

Hello Heart delivers 2X the outcomes
of any other solution.

Researchers from UCLA and Harvard validated Hello Heart’s effectiveness – making it the only smartphone solution on the market with a peer-reviewed clinical study on its impact on hypertension.

Peer-reviewed clinical outcomes in hypertension management

% Normalizing BP

♥︎ Hello Heart
The other digital health solution

Average blood pressure reduction

22 mmHg
♥︎ Hello Heart
10 mmHg
The other digital health solution
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Simple and seamless integration

Support rep

Supports care teams and pathways

Graph on a paper

Comprehensive reporting

Puzzle pieces

Plug-and-play solution


Bill through medical claims

Piggy Bank

Acknowledged as a preventative benefit for high deductible plans

Recognized impact

Hello Heart is a member of American Heart Association’s Innovators’ Network

NPS score

2018 Impact Aware Winner, EHIR (Employer Health Innovation Roundtable)

Awarded one of the best employer wellness and prevention solutions by UCSF.

2018 Impact Aware Winner, EHIR (Employer Health Innovation Roundtable)

Received “Impact Award” from the Employer Health Innovation Roundtable.

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