Over 100 Million Americans who deal with chronic heart conditions like high cholesterol and high blood pressure (a.k.a hypertension).Most of us with these conditions take blood pressure readings at home and visit our doctor regularly, but struggle to track and make sense of the numbers. Are we at risk? Are we stable? Do our efforts to get better make any difference?Hello Heart V1.6The new release of Hello Heart v1.6 addresses these challenges head on, letting you easily track your blood pressure and lab results and turn your medical data into simple, visual and actionable information. It imports your medical data directly from hospitals systems and home monitoring devices and provides easy to understand explanations and tracking tools.Here's a quick 30 sec video of what we mean:[embed]https://youtu.be/t08aJkEpz8s[/embed]Feel in Control. LIve a happier healthier life.Find out for yourself. Get Hello Heart for free (iOS, Android). As soon as you enter in one blood pressure reading or get your labs imported from your clinic, you are on your way to taking control of your health and feeling better.