Philips healthcare innovation team checks out Hello Heart

Philips Healthcare explores how high-engagement apps and connected data can lead to healthier outcomes at much less cost

When one of the most important players in the healthcare industry reaches out and asks to meet and see your app, its an exciting day! A few weeks ago this happened for the Hello Heart. The leadership and innovation team of Philips Healthcare Informatics Solutions and Services, including CEO, Jeroen Tas came by the office to understand the mission of Hello Heart and why the app has had such success for daily active users and patient engagement.

Phillips Healthcare  Informatics Solutions and Services Team visit Hello Heart

Maayan Cohen, CEO of Hello Heart explained how Hello Heart gives people the information they need to look after their own health and get early warnings so that medical professionals can offer better care and choose the optimum moment for lifestyle changes or intervention. Some of the information she shared:

  • Self-monitoring with Hello Heart on the iPhone and Apple Watch can reduce blood pressure by 10+ mm Hg systolic or more.
  • When users build a routine around tracking their blood pressure and trends, they start noticing how little changes in diet, exercise or lifestyle influence their results.
  • Engagement rates using Hello Heart stay high and steady over time creating sustained habits.
  • Over 50% of American’s cannot understand if their lab results are good or bad. With Hello Heart's connect-to-clinic functionality, lab and blood work results are explained clearly with simple explanations about what parameters are in and out of range.
Track blood sugar and A1C in Hello Heart