Hello Heart will be conducting a webinar with the Health Action Council

Hello Heart’s has been chosen to present at the next webinar hosted by the Health Action Council. Health Action Council was founded in 1983 by five companies who wanted to get more value from the millions of dollars they were spending on health care coverage for their employees. They banded together to work with hospitals to ensure their employees were receiving quality care, efficiently, and at a cost that could be afforded.Health Action Council has evolved further into an organization that provides its members more than just high-quality group purchasing products and services. It strives to be a thought leader that convenes key stakeholder groups to look at the nexus of business and health. Health Action Council recognizes that a company’s employees are its greatest asset as well as its greatest liability in terms of the company’s success in the marketplace and its role in its community. Healthy employees are more productive and therefore able to contribute more to the success of their company and the health of their community.Hello Heart was selected from hundreds of applicants because of its clear and attractive value proposition and operational readiness in the large employer market. The webinar will demonstrate how the Hello Heart solution can benefit large companies and their employees.The webinar will be held next February 22nd at 12:00 pm EST. You can register to the webinar clicking HERE