Hello Heart was just released on Apple Watch!

Apple Watch is going to be big, really big.

Estimates say that Apple Watch sales have already reached 3 million devices which is just a little over the entire 2014 health wearable market. It’s the first wearable product that doesn’t aim only to a niche market like hardcore techies (e.g. Google Glass) or young athletes (e.g. Jawbone, Fitbit or Pebble). It’s super appealing to the mainstream audience because... well it’s hard to explain it but it’s just really *really* cool.

Wearable Device to track BP

As CEO of a digital health company, it’s embarrassing to admit, but this is the first time I ever wanted a wearable device for myself.

I don’t know if it’s because it enables you to do cool things like texting from your shower or paying just by swiping your wrist in the air. Maybe it’s the fashionable positioning that Apple created by placing it for display along with the biggest fashion luxury brands on Paris fashion week, or maybe it’s just the “Apple magic” - but whatever it is it just works and I want one.Yesterday, I went by the Apple store and found myself staring at the red banded golden watch from the limited edition for 20 minutes, even though there is no chance I can buy it (unless I sell my car - but I kind of need that...). The only other place this has ever happened to me was at a Marc Jacobs store and that says it all. The Apple Watch is not a geeky product, it’s a top fashion desirable product for men and women that is defining an entirely new category in the market.

Apple watch casual accessory to track BP

We believe that the Apple Watch is going to be a game changer for health management.

For the health industry and actually for all of us, the Apple Watch is great news. You would probably not buy it if all you need is a step tracker. But you might buy it because it is beautiful and offers some great day-to-day functionality. But then, without even noticing it, you suddenly have a device that monitors your pulse and activity levels around the clock. It knows how much you are walking, if you are stressed out and how well you are sleeping. It tracks all this data in Apple Health and enables Apps to give you tips and advice. It also enables you to record the vital signs you are already tracking, like your blood pressure, so you can be on top of your medical condition everywhere you go, even in places you don’t always take your phone to like the gym or your shower.[caption id="attachment_847" align="alignnone" width="465"]

Apple Watch Blood Pressure monitor

Entering Daily Blood Pressure is Fast and Easy[/caption]

The new Hello Heart Apple Watch app is optimized for tracking BP and managing hypertension on your wrist.

Hello Heart helps the 100 million Americans dealing with hypertension, to manage and improve their health. The Apple Watch launch is an amazing opportunity to do this in a much more intimate and personal way that can be a lot more effective when combined with the Hello Heart’s iPhone app. Our team of user experience specialists, psychologists and designers worked hard on building the best watch app to track and manage blood pressure.

  • The new watch app enables you to add new BP directly from your wrist in an easy, quick way. No need to open your iPhone at all, just measure your BP with your home cuff and log it. You can also do it at the gym or the shower or anywhere else you don’t have your phone with you - it’s always with you and it’s quick and easy.
  • The watch enable us to send you subtle notifications that people around you will not see or hear that reminds you to log your BP daily. If you disabled audio notifications because other people could hear them or you just because the sound bothered you, the watch notifications are perfect for you. You can tap add new BP the moment it reminds you or send it to snooze for 2 hours if you're busy and do it later.
  • Whenever you have a moment for yourself, you can see exactly how you are doing. The Hello Heart “glance” gives you a quick look at how you're doing all the time. What was your recent BP, whether it's trending up or down and provides very important insights on how you're doing so you always know that you are OK.

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Apple Watch Blood Pressure Monitor

Receive feedback on your Blood Pressure[/caption]

Hello Heart watch app is already getting great reviews but it’s just the start!

We were very honored to get a quick approval from Apple and be one of the first apps for Apple Watch and proud to be ready for download the first watch shipment day. Hello Heart was just chosen as one of the best health and fitness watch apps by Techcrunch. We believe the Apple Watch platform is a game changer that can help everyone who uses Hello Heart tremendously and promise that this is just the start, we will keep on improving the app to make your life easier. Tracking your blood pressure can be easy and even fun!Source: