"I love how easy and private it is to keep my blood pressure under control with Hello Heart!"

– Hello Heart user
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Hello Heart makes it simple and fun to manage your blood pressure

Sign up for Hello Heart and receive a FREE wireless FDA cleared blood pressure monitor that connects to an app on your smartphone.

Your blood pressure readings will be sent to the app automatically, making it very easy to track your blood pressure.

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Get instant feedback on what your numbers mean and how you're doing. You’ll also get fun, easy-to-implement tips on how to improve.

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Know and track your blood pressure, understand your numbers and explore ways to improve


Easy to Use & Accurate
Been using for a few months and the tracking and helpful hints have provided an awareness and change in lifestyle in dealing with hypertension.


Amazing app! Changed my life
Really easy to use. For the first time I understood what the blood pressure numbers say. I also succeeded in improving my health!


Amazing app with good interface and it is easy to use. Good way to regularly monitor your BP. It gives suggestions and also rewards. Insights are very useful to monitor activities. It reminds you to take meds on time. Overall it takes care of your health. Recommend to use.

The perfect program for you!

Sponsored by selected employers.

Easy and fun to use!
There are no time consuming coaching sessions or complex processes to learn.

Use anytime
Tips come directly to your smartphone, so you can access them at any time.

Use anywhere
All the information is on your phone, and the monitor is light and portable. (You even receive a FREE travel bag!)

100% private
No one has access to your information, and you don’t need to speak to anyone to benefit from the program.

Your privacy is our top priority

HIPAA compliant

Privacy & security are our top priority. Your information always remains safe and secure, as Hello Heart strictly follows HIPAA guidelines on how to save information. Your employer has absolutely no access to any information that can be identified as yours and can only access aggregated anonymized information.

You can read more about Hello Heart’s Privacy Policy

It’s FREE and easy to get started!

If your employer offers Hello Heart as part of the benefits and you received a special code, just click here to sign up.

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