We’re taking on the number one cause of death.

By empowering people to manage their heart health, we can help thousands beat the odds of avoidable heart disease and change the future of heart health for good.

Our mission

Empower people to understand and improve their heart health using technology and behavioral science.

Our vision

Prevent avoidable heart disease, the number one cause of death in the United States.

Member Story

Hello Heart members take control of their heart health.

Because the Hello Heart app is easy to use, our members understand their blood pressure readings and make lifestyle changes to support their hearts.
Awards and impact

Leading the way in cardiovascular digital therapeutics.

Hello Heart is a member of the American Heart Association’s Innovators’ Network and is part of the CVS Health Point Solutions Management program.

Who we are

Culture and values

Our core values are the heart of who we are and how we work.

We’re mission-driven

In business decisions – users come first, clients second, and revenue third.

We care about our work

We care about the job we do. We strive for the best results and service for our users and clients in everything we do.

We're a team

We care about the people we work with. We are selfless and help each other. Nothing is someone else’s problem. We are never ego-driven. No matter how experienced we are, we always roll up our sleeves to help.

We’re go-getters who move fast

We make things happen fast. We encourage independent decision-making by employees – minimum rules, minimum meetings, maximum getting-things-done.

We’re creative and data-driven

We don’t assume we’re right–we A/B test. Data wins. We think out of the box and execute things the way we think they should be done–not necessarily the way other companies do it.

We’re open to feedback and speak up

Honest, timely, constructive feedback trumps hypocritical politeness. We’re here to learn how to do our job better, improve as professionals, and constantly give and receive feedback.

We make mistakes and learn from them

We all have a strong growth mindset. We all make mistakes. It’s part of work and life. We acknowledge them, inform relevant team members, fix the problem quickly, learn from it – and move on.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously

We take privacy, integrity, and security very seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously.

Our leadership team

We’ve cultivated a transparent and collaborative culture with a strong team driven to change how patients manage their health.

Maayan Cohen
Founder & CEO
Michal Gutman
Jesús Bermúdez
Chief Growth Officer
Jamie McCarthy
Chief Financial Officer
Wendy Nguyen
Chief Marketing Officer
Sue Giordano
Chief Client Officer
Valarie Arismendez
SVP, People
Esther Bleicher
General Counsel
Edo Paz, MD
SVP, Medical Affairs
Assaf Ohana
Chief Product Officer
Eyal Zimlichman, MD
Chief Medical Officer and Chief Innovation Officer, Sheba Medical Center
Ripley Carroll
Investor, Stripes
Lynn Shapiro Snyder
Board Member, EBG and WBL
Bruce Armstrong
Khosla Ventures
Somesh Dash
Partner, IVP
Raanan Bar-Cohen
General Partner, Resolute Ventures
Vinod Khosla
Partner, Khosla Ventures
Ross Glasser
Partner, WTI
Joel Brill, MD
Executive Medical Advisor
Sara Thomas Deshpande
Partner, Maven Ventures
John Malloy
General Partner, BlueRun Ventures
Julia Halberg MD, MS, MPH
Partner, WTI
Cheryl Cheng
General Partner, BlueRun Ventures
Ron Shah
Partner, Stripes
Ziv Meltzer
Co-founder, Hello Heart

We're a global company with offices in the United States and Israel.

Silicon Valley
545 Middlefield Rd, Ste 260
Menlo Park, CA 94025
New York City
368 9th Ave.
New York, NY 10001
Tel Aviv
Derech Begin 152
Tel Aviv, Israel 6492106