It's sex and blood pressure week!

We've encountered so many questions about how high blood pressure can impact your sex life, that we decided to devote the next few weeks to writing about it.

low sex drive from hypertension

Our first topic category looks at the basics:

How High Blood Pressure and Hypertension Impact Sex

Hypertension is the second most prevalent concurrent disease in men with erectile dysfunction.

  1. How and why hypertension can impact your sex life - both for men and women.
  2. We provide a Practical Guide to Improving your Sex Life and your Heart Health which covers simple things you can do to improve both.
  3. We look at a common question: Is it dangerous to have sex if I have high blood pressure? Will I have a Heat Attack?

High Blood Pressure Medication and Its Effect on Erectile Disfunction

A second topic will talk about the potential side effects of hypertension drugs on your sex life. While hypertension can cause erectile disfunction (ED) and low sex drive on its own, the Catch 22 is that the medications used to treat hypertension can also impair sexual function.

  1. What to do about sexual side effects of your blood pressure medication - Part I
  2. Which hypertension drugs can impact erectile dysfunction - Part II
  3. Is it safe to take Viagra and Cialis if you have high blood pressure?

Sex, Stress Relief and Lower Blood Pressure

A third topic looks at:

  1. Sex and other fun ways to lower blood pressure!
  2. The effect of dogs on reducing blood pressure

How Sex Can Help Lower High Blood Pressure

We'd love to hear from you with your questions? We will keep everything anonymous. Just post a comment and we will review it, removing any trace of identity.If you're a sexologist or sex expert, we are interested to get your feedback and experience as well. Sex and blood pressure is an "in-the-closet" topic. But everyone cares about it so we want to share whatever we know and can learn.