Apple Watch: does it really help you take charge of your health or is it just another pretty device?

If you use an Apple Watch will you really be more engaged with your health? Hello Heart app data reveals.

I have to admit; I was a little skeptical about the ability of the Apple Watch to help people be more engaged with their health. Fitness enthusiasts aside, people don’t buy the Apple Watch to be healthier, they buy it because it’s a beautiful, desirable product that enables them to do cool new things like texting while washing the dishes or paying without the need to reach into their bag.So does it really get people to be more engaged with their health? We analyzed the usage data from thousands of Hello Heart users on Apple Watch and iPhone and the surprising bottom line is yes! It really does make you care more about your health.

Hello Heart on the Apple Watch encourages you to live healthier

This is what we discovered:

  • The Apple Watch really does get more people to track their health data.When we compared Apple Watch users to iPhone only users, we discovered that the number of users who added their blood pressure reading was 52% higher if they had an Apple Watch app. The Watch lures in new users who never previously thought about regularly tracking their heart health.
Apple Watch users are more engaged than iPhone only users
  • The Watch is a much more intimate device than the iPhone.The Watch enables you to check up on yourself in a non-intrusive way like notification or email - whenever you have a moment for yourself. The Watch makes it pleasant and even fun to check if you are OK. In the case of hypertension users want to understand if their BP is trending up or down. In fact, 40% of Hello Heart’s Apple Watch users chose it for their Glances view.
  • It’s easier to form healthy habits with Apple Watch. The Apple Watch notifications are personalized and contextually relevant, and since they’re on the wrist, they are less obtrusive than on the iPhone. The percentage of users that added daily reminders to check their blood pressure on the Apple Watch was 2.5X bigger than the percentage of users who added notifications to their iPhone app. Easy feedback along with positive prompts and reminders to check their BP at the right time is key to forming habits.
  • If you started tracking your health on Apple Watch, you will probably do it more often than on your iPhone. The daily retention rate of Apple Watch users is 55% higher than the iPhone users and it’s not just the first day “shiny object syndrome”. It has only been 2 weeks since the Watch was released, but the data is very encouraging so far - the second week retention of Apple Watch users in Hello Heart stands at 67%! Haptic feedback and constant corner-of-the-eye visibility makes the Watch more powerful at changing health behavior than the iPhone.
Apple Watch users form healthy habits more than iPhone only users
  • Apple Watch triggers people to care about other medical aspects of their health, not just vital signs. In addition to blood pressure, Hello Heart enables people to manage all of their heart’s health medical data including their drugs, their doctors and their lab results imported directly from their hospital or clinic. Apple Watch users have already added 67% more medical data than iPhone-only users.
Hello Heart on the apple watch

So if you already have an Apple Watch app… use it to track your health! It is so convenient and so intimate, you can’t help but be more engaged with your health and get feedback to know you're OK. Download the free Hello Heart app and keep a healthy heart.Hello Heart App is available on the iTunes App Store for iPhone and Apple Watch.