10 simple ways to reduce stress and improve your heart health for World Mental Health day!

Here are 10 great ways to improve mental health on World Mental Health Day (10/10/20) ! Plus, they're great for your heart, too!

🔌 Unplug before bedtime: We know it's hard but turning electronics off 30 minutes before bed, can help you get better sleep. Plus, a good night's sleep equips you to better handle everyday stresses.

🌱 Did you know gardening is exercise?! :

Regular exercise is recommended to take care of your heart and mental health. Even better? Gardening is a great hobby to take up to get the time in exercising and see the success of your newly founded green thumb!

☀️ Do what you love - outside: 

Get rays of sunshine while you do your favorite activity! When exposed to the sun, your body produces Vitamin D which can lower BP and stress levels!

📞  Socialize (at a safe distance):  

Spending time with friends and family is a great way to improve mental and physical health. Haven't spoken to a good friend or relative lately? Give them a call and check-in! It will improve both your health and day! 

👟 Take a nap (after your walk):

Take a 15 minute walk followed by a nap. This great combination has been shown to improve memory when done together vs. doing each activity alone.

🧠  Easy meditations:

Restore the body to a calm state! There are lots of activities to choose from that only take 1 minute. Plus, meditation has been shown to lower BP! Find one in the Hello Heart app!

🎶  Listen to music you enjoy:

Listening to music you enjoy can help you feel better and manage stress more effectively. Don't know what song to choose? The sounds of nature is a great place to start! 

😆  Have a good laugh: 

This weekend, sit down to watch a good comedy! Laughter increases the oxygen level throughout your body and helps relieve tension by relaxing your muscles!6 It's a win-win! 

🐶  Did someone say "Downward Dog"?

It's true! A little yoga can go a long way. One of yoga’s clearest benefits to the heart is its ability to relax the body and mind.

👃 Take a deep breathe of fresh air:

It's simple but effective. We are always in a rush when we run out the front door. Next time, try to take a moment when you get outside to stop and take 1 deep breathe. You'll instantly feel better, calmer and it has shown to lower blood pressure.

Be sure to check out all of the stress relieving activities here in the Hello Heart app!


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