Your plan for a new good habit in 2 weeks.

Print it out to get started.
What do you want to start doing?
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Tip: Think impactful but doable. No one trains for a marathon overnight, but you could start taking a walk around the neighborhood a few mornings or evenings a week.
Why do you want to start doing this?
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Tip: There are no wrong answers here. Whatever is meaningful to you is right.
Who will be your accountability partner?
Tip: This can be more than one person! Who’ll help you stay on track and encourage you when you’re down?
How confident are you that you can make the change, on a scale of 1 (not at all) to 10 (very much)?
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Tip: It’s totally fine to be on the low end. But if you wrote down less than 5, what can you do to boost your confidence?
What’s your biggest challenge?
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Tip: Let’s be realistic—it may not be smooth sailing. Think of what could get in the way of your new habit.
What will you do when faced with this challenge?
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Tip: The best offense is a good defense. Plan for how you’ll overcome this challenge.
What will you do when you want to give up?
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Tip: It happens to all of us. Creating a new habit can be really hard. What will get you going and inspired again?
What will be your reward for making the habit stick after two weeks?
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Tip: It can be big or small—maybe a meal at your favorite restaurant or something from a store you’ve had your eye on.
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Watch how you can form a new habit in just 2 weeks.
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