• Cardiovascular disease (CVD) affects more than 75 percent of Americans aged 60-79 and more than 90 percent of those aged 80 and over
  • New study shows an overwhelming majority of people aged 65 and over reduced their blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight while using the Hello Heart mobile app and heart health monitor within six months
  • Results show the potential of using digital tools to engage an aging population to better understand CVD risks and take steps to improve heart health

MENLO PARK, Calif. – April 23, 2024 – Hello Heart, the digital leader in preventive heart health, today announced results from its latest study observing the benefits of scalable, accessible digital health tools for a growing senior population. Presented at the American College of Cardiology 2024 Conference, study results showed an overwhelming majority of seniors aged 65 and over reduced their blood pressure (BP), cholesterol, and weight over a six month period while managing it with a mobile app, highlighting the potential of mobile technology in the prevention and control of cardiovascular disease (CVD) for the aging population. 

Eighty percent of heart attacks and strokes are preventable. Yet, CVD remains the leading cause of death in the U.S., partially because its key risk factor, high blood pressure, is a ‘silent killer,’ and most patients have no symptoms before their first heart attack or stroke. CVD is especially prevalent in the Medicare-aged population, affecting more than 75 percent of those aged 60-79 and more than 90 percent of those aged 80 and over. 

The study observed 8,148 Hello Heart users aged 65 and over who were equipped with the Hello Heart connected monitor and mobile app. The monitor and app recorded blood pressure, heart rate, and the appearance of irregular heartbeat. The app also recorded other significant heart health risk factors, such as cholesterol, weight, and physical activity via integration with external sources including electronic medical records and fitness trackers. Based on these data points, the app used artificial intelligence (AI) and behavior science to provide personalized and actionable heart health insights to patients and their physicians. Results from the study showed: 

  • Among participants with baseline systolic blood pressure (SBP) above 140 mm Hg, 84% lowered their SBP by an average of 18 points within 26 weeks of monitoring. 
  • Among participants with baseline LDL cholesterol (LDL-C) above 160 mg/dL, 80% reduced their LDL-C within four months, with a mean reduction of 76.6 mg/dL. 
  • Among participants with baseline body mass index (BMI) above 30 kg/m2, 70.4% reduced their weight within 3 months with a mean reduction of 8.8 lbs.
  • Study participants showed a 45% higher engagement rate compared to Hello Heart users younger than 65. 

“Results from this study challenge the assumption that our aging population struggles to use smartphones or are resistant to using technology to manage their health,” said Edo Paz, MD, SVP, Medical Affairs, Hello Heart. “There’s a significant untapped opportunity to engage this age group with scalable mobile technology to help them better understand their CVD risk and take steps to improve their heart health.”

Research shows that a 10 point reduction in systolic blood pressure helps lower the risk of coronary heart disease (17%), stroke (27%), heart failure (28%), and all-cause mortality (13%). 

About the Study
The study evaluated engagement and clinical outcomes among age 65+ participants of an mHealth app-based CV risk self-management program. Participants aged 65+ who enrolled in the Hello Heart app from January through October 2023 were studied retrospectively. Change in blood pressure (BP), LDL cholesterol, and weight were evaluated from baseline to follow up. Engagement was evaluated as the cumulative number of BP values measured in the app. Outcomes were compared for participants aged 65+ vs. <65.

About Hello Heart
Hello Heart is the digital leader in preventive heart health. We provide users with a connected blood pressure monitor and AI-driven digital coaching app. Through human-centric design, users receive tailored and actionable insights around healthy eating, activity, and medications. Users can also track key heart metrics like blood pressure and cholesterol unique to each person and consistent with clinical guidelines. By building a habit of monitoring heart health, users create sustained lifestyle changes. Validated in peer-reviewed studies, Hello Heart users achieve significant reductions in blood pressure over a sustained period. Founded in 2013, Hello Heart is a member of the American Heart Association’s Innovators’ Network and trusted by leading Fortune 1000 employers, national health plans and pharmacy benefit managers. Visit www.helloheart.com for more information.