Over one-hundred thousand users to benefit from new tool to support heart health

Menlo Park, Calif. — February 28, 2023 — Hello Heart, a digital health coaching app that helps over one-hundred thousand patients in the U.S. manage their heart health, today announced the public launch of the platform’s newest feature, My Meds, an interactive virtual pillbox that puts users in control of their health and empowers them with insights to build lasting healthy habits. After a several months-long pilot program, the free upgrade provides tools for medication adherence, as well as enhanced medication tracking and flagging of known drug interactions for users to discuss with their doctors. 

“Medication adherence is unusually low when it comes to heart disease. Because you can’t see or feel heart disease risk factors like high cholesterol and blood pressure, you can’t feel if the meds you are taking are helping them or not, which leads many people to just skip them and ignore the problem. Over 50% of patients don’t take their meds as directed1, and when it comes to patients living with heart disease, taking medication consistently and regularly as your doctor prescribed can be nothing short of life saving.” said Maayan Cohen, co-founder and CEO of Hello Heart. “My Meds is a first-of-its-kind digitally innovative solution that could greatly bolster medication adherence for patients with heart disease.”

Hello Heart, which has over 100 clients across the U.S., has received tremendous feedback regarding their new offering. Ellen Sullivan Frenis, Executive Director, Health & Wellness Benefits, CVS, said of the My Meds offering, “Our workforce is on the go, so we’re very focused on helping them get the right care in a way that’s convenient for them. And what’s more convenient than your phone? Hello Heart’s My Meds is a fun and easy way to help our members understand how their medication may be influencing their heart health, identify potential risk, and build healthy habits around taking the medication they’re prescribed.”

Part of what makes My Meds unique is that it uses gamification to make medication adherence and other healthy lifestyle choices fun and sustainable. Hello Heart users who tracked their medications within the app showed a two times greater reduction in total cholesterol than other Hello Heart users.2

With death and disabilities from heart disease steadily rising over the last 30 years,3 employers are now, more than ever, looking for effective solutions to help employees manage and improve their heart health. Hello Heart continues to work alongside the employer’s benefits ecosystem to offer heart health management tools and resources. 

“Maintaining heart health is not only an issue of wellness, but it’s also good business sense,” Cohen continued. “Promoting patients’ heart health significantly decreases a whole spectrum of healthcare costs for patients and their employers, and we have seen significant cost savings. For example, one study showed a savings of $1865 per member for our clients.”4

Hello Heart began rolling out the new feature for employer clients in the last few weeks and is now fully live for the users in celebration of February heart awareness month.

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