Let’s take amazing care of women’s hearts.

At home and in the workplace, we depend on women to have good hearts. But what can we do to better support women’s heart health?

Meet Hello Heart, an easy-to-use app that helps women track and manage their heart health, and get customizable tips. All from the privacy of their phone.

In a time when there’s still gender and racial bias in the healthcare system, all women deserve simple, powerful tools to stay healthy and beat the odds.

Let’s put the power of heart health in women’s hands.

Make it your business to know women’s heart risks.

  • Due to gender inequity and gaslighting in the healthcare system, women still die from heart attacks at 2x the rate of men.
  • Women’s heart attack symptoms can look different than men’s. Symptoms include shortness of breath, back and neck pain, stomach discomfort, nausea and chest tightness.
  • Menopause increases a woman’s risk of heart disease.
  • Heart disease is 80% preventable.
  • The public is under-educated on women’s heart health.  Workplaces that partner with Hello Heart are changing that.

Her heart.
Her heart tracker.

With Hello Heart, your colleague or member can:

  • Track her blood pressure at home.
  • Receive insights and coaching on heart health.
  • Share reports with her doctor.

Keep women in charge of their heart health

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