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See how habits like taking your medication and being more physically active impact your blood pressure. Find out now if you’re eligible for Hello Heart’s Dot-to-Dot feature through your employer.

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How Dot-to-Dot can help:

See trends

Does that extra five minutes of walking really make a difference? It might! With Hello Heart, you can see how activity, weight, and medication may impact your readings.

Track medication

Learn how your blood pressure readings have changed since you started taking your meds.

Understand impact

Get a clear view of what’s impacting your heart health. Our easy-to-understand graphs make it simple.

How Dot-to-Dot
can help:

The choices you make every day matter

...and Dot-to-Dot can help you see their impact. To see how that extra walk with your dog may make a difference, turn on the activity tracker in the Hello Heart app.

From tracking to trends, see it all in one place

With easy-to-understand graphs, it’s simple to see how your medications may be impacting your heart health once you start tracking them with Hello Heart. And never worry about your data. We keep it all 100% private for you.