Take action now on employee heart health.

See how you can help your members form healthier habits that may help reduce the risks of heart disease.

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Help your members connect the dots on their health habits.

With smart, personalized insights, members can see how activity, medications, and weight could be making a difference in their blood pressure readings. Members are encouraged to take an active role in their heart health and form healthier habits.

How Dot-to-Dot can help:

See trends

Al-driven technology detects trends and simplifies them for users, making it easy to connect the dots between how their behavior could affect their blood pressure, and take action.

Track medication

It’s easy to see how blood pressure readings have changed since starting medication. That can help improve adherence and drive productive doctor conversations.

Understand impact

Using behavioral science, Dot-to-Dot helps users see the potential impact of their choices. They can feel more engaged and confident as they build healthy habits.

How Dot-to-Dot
can help:

Small choices can make a big impact on your members’ heart health.

From tracking to trends, members can see it all in one place and engage more confidently with their heart health.