Letter from Hello Heart CEO regarding Coronavirus hypertension risks for clients

Dear clients,

I'm writing to you today as a CEO, and a Mom.  With Coronavirus spreading throughout the US, we're all trying to do the right thing and help our employees and their families navigate these uncertain times which can last for several months or longer according to the CDC.

On top of office and travel work policy changes, we need to address the clinical information and guidance we provide our employees to ensure we do the right thing in this unusual time.

Scientists have found cancer raises the risk 3.5-fold, COPD 2.6-fold and that patients with diabetes and hypertension have a 60% higher risk for Coronavirus complications.  People with these conditions are expected to be more sensitive to the effects of new infectious diseases, which puts them at a very high risk.  We can help people with chronic conditions minimize potential exposure to Coronavirus.  Today more than ever, we should actively support and encourage Telehealth services and remote monitoring of chronic diseases. 

Many employers have issued changes to their working from home and travel policies.  These are important steps to protect employees.  Thinking about the months ahead, employers should also consider when employees work from home, their health problems don't disappear and some employees that are not used to working from home even get worse.  Employees will need extra health support during this time. 

Remote monitoring of Diabetes and Hypertension is more effective and in the case of infectious disease can prevent people from being affected by the Coronavirus.  Remote monitoring of blood pressure and diabetes can save lives.

For employers that have enrolled Hello Heart - remind members that they can track their blood pressure and diabetes using the Hello Heart app from home.  They can send a report from the Hello Heart app to their doctor and discuss their results over the phone to avoid exposure to clinics.  Our Customer Success team is here to help you send awareness campaigns tailored to your population.

For employers that would like to enroll Hello Heart to support members - in response to several requests, we have launched an "Expedited Enrollment" program to enable you to enroll Hello Heart to your employees, 100% remotely, in a couple of weeks.  Please let us know if you would like to learn more about this program to support your employees that are at high risk.

In this time of concern, Hello Heart is your partner.  During this epidemic, we can help your business remain productive and profitable by helping your employees take control of their chronic conditions. 

Warm regards, 

Maayan Cohen, CEO of Hello Heart

Maayan Cohen, CEO of Hello Heart