You may have noticed that we recently changed our profile picture on social media to a rainbow-colored heart. Just like many other progressive and inclusive companies around the world, we did this to celebrate Pride Month. We’re proud of who we are and what we do — not just during Pride Month, but every single day of the year.

In March of 2020, I was looking outside my office window at empty Silicon Valley roads and realized that the world as we knew it has changed. Covid-19 was raging, shelter-at-home was just announced, and financial pressure and uncertainty were a potential death sentence to many startups.

We all know that a healthy heart is central to overall good health, yet the prevalence of heart conditions in the US continues to increase each year at a staggering rate, leading to millions of lost lives and billions of dollars in healthcare costs.

Occasional blood pressure checks at the doctor's office is often not enough. Track your blood pressure at home to make an earlier diagnosis, identify pre-hypertension, give you feedback and help reinforce any efforts you are making.

The early stages of hypertension (those you experience in your 20s, 30s and 40s) and high blood pressure can have a very real impact on how old you look. With HPB you age faster than you should, and those around you can tell.

We've encountered so many questions about how high blood pressure and hypertension can impact your sex life, that we decided to devote the next few weeks to writing about it.

At some point in life, almost all U.S. adults provide caregiving for a loved one. How do you use technology and habit formation to make the task less complex, less stressful and less time-demanding?

Stress aggravates diabetes. Stress raises blood sugar levels, activates fat cells, impairs glucose tolerance, increases insulin resistance and impacts blood pressure.

James reduced his BP by over 10 pts using Hello Heart. His advice: Make the commitment to track everyday until you build a routine. That’s the best thing that you can do.

In spite of simple lifestyle changes and relatively inexpensive and readily available medications, individuals with heart risk or hypertension are not managing their condition. Why?

We all tell ourselves lies about our health - particularly when it comes to heart disease, weight and diet.  What are the common lies and how do you move beyond them?

The Incas called it the "Mother of all Grains" and gave it to warriors to increase stamina. Quinoa's low sodium helps normalize high blood pressure. Its high fiber helps promote lower cholesterol. Here are some fantastic recipes to help you find your inner Inca warrior!

Loneliness can rank as high a risk factor for heart disease and mortality as smoking. How does it impact you and how do you fight it?